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5 Reasons to Buy 6 Bottles (of Seasoning)

Apr 17, 2020 | News and Updates

In the wake of the pandemic, chances are, unless you’re ordering takeout on the daily, your kitchen has become the most popular room in the house, if it wasn’t already.

And as these weeks turn to months in isolation, we’re guessing the menu around the house is getting a little stale. And to that we say—perfect. Spice it up with a little love from the Everything Seasoning.

You don’t even need to head to the store, you can order our delicious seasoning recipe right to your door. But in case you needed a little extra motivation, here ya go!


1. Support a Local Small Business

Times like these are exceptionally tough on small businesses, so why not show some love? Since 1992, The Tip Pit has been serving up BBQ and catering to the Mid-Columbia. We’ve never been a franchise and are still owned and operated by the same folks since the beginning — the Nelson family.

5 Reasons to Buy 6 Bottles (of Seasoning)

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

2. Spice up the Quarantine Kitchen 

Let’s face it, at this point during quarantine, things are getting a little boring. Why not spice it up with our trademark blend? Seriously, from dry-rub carrots to prime rib, this stuff’s as versatile as it is tasty. Hey, maybe even mix it up and try it on peanut butter? I mean, what else do you have to do?

3. Barbecue Season is Upon Us

The days are getting longer, the nights shorter, and the smell of seared beef is in the air and seriously, nothing pairs better with beef than the Everything Seasoning. Be the envy of all of neighbors by reminding them you’d love to have them over for dinner if it wasn’t for social distancing.

5 Reasons to Buy 6 Bottles (of Seasoning)

Photo by Emerson Vieira on Unsplash

 4. Use it on Everything!

Funny, it’s like we’ve said this one before. Seriously though, it’s even outstanding on microwave popcorn.

5. Buy 5 and get the 6th Free!

Who doesn’t like free stuff? Buy a box of seasoning, and only pay for five bottles. It’s that simple. You’re going to find that it’s a game-changer for your favorite dishes, and there’s really no limit of stuff to find to put it on!

5 Reasons to Buy 6 Bottles (of Seasoning)

So, what are you waiting for?
Buy a bottle (or six) today!